Below lists are current projects that we are working on.

- Geckos -

JUveniles! phelsuma sundbergi sundbergi
Looking for males! phelsuma sundbergi ladiguensis
First eggs 5/06! Phelsuma boehmi
Female offspring available Phelsuma borbonica agalegae
Raising juveniles Phelsuma borbonica borbonica
Eggs 5/06 Phelsuma abbotti sumptio
Need females Phelsuma abbotti chekei
Only small phelsuma that will sit on your hand without fleeing. Phelsuma barbouri
Beauties in their own right. Phelsuma modesta leiogaster
First several hatchlings 9/05! Phelsuma borbonica (agalagae) mater


- Other Reptiles -

Black Tree Monitor Varanus beccari
Green Water Dragon Physignathus cocincinus