The Rep Room is pleased to offer the following quality dry goods:

Product Description Product Price
Sugar Glider Starter Pack Includes all of the following, all you need is the glider and a cage: 5 x 2lb bags of Happy Glider pelleted food (one each of apple, breeder chicken, cherry, melon and peanut), Calcium supplement, Glider vitamins, Treats, Glidernectar, Glider Care book, Glider carry pouch w/ adjustable neck strap, Ceramic Glider Hider, 1 food dish, one Glidernectar dish, one dripless water bottle. $125 with Sugar Glider purchase, $145 without
Non-toxic PVC coated wire cage
w/ 2 levels and plastic pan beneath
24"wide x 18" deep x 30" tall
Recommended for 1-2 gliders.
Happy Glider pelleted food - we use as our primary diet. Apple, Cherry, Breeder Chicken (higher protein), Melon, and Peanut flavors available. We are very impressed with the health of our breeders and offspring using this formula! $8.00/2 lb. bag,
2 for $15,
5 for $35
Glidernectar - nectar and pollen supplement essential for gliders, especially stressed or nursing $12.00/6 oz. Jar
Glider Friendchips - large sized apple flavored treats to train (bribe) your glider $8.00/jar
Glider Vitamin Supplement - essential vitamins and minerals to keep you glider at its healthiest $12.00/6 oz. Jar
Repcal with D3 - calcium supplement essential for geckos and gliders $7.00/Jar
Phelsumax - Food replacement powder for geckos with a sweet tooth! No supplementation necessary. Developed by top European breeders. 200g size will feed one adult grandis for one year. $16/200g, $36/600g
Glider carry pouch w/adj. neck strap - many colors and patterns available in fleece or cotton $18.00 each
Sugar Glider Care Book - Written by Todd Bacon, one of the founders of the International Sugar Glider Association $8.00/book
Ceramic Glider Hider-Easily washable! Great place for your glider to call home. $20.00/hider
Herptivite - vitamin supplement for geckos $9.00/Jar
Hydra-Cricket - a safe, clean, and easy way to hydrate your crickets without drowning them - 1 jar makes 1 gallon of hydrated gel  $6.00/Packet
Cricket Cuisine - feed your crickets a healthy diet so they will BE a healthy diet $3.00 1LB/
$5.00 2LB
40 hour heat packs - provide 40+ hours of steady heat for shipping in inclement weather 10 pack/ $20.00*
Co-Co Brick - shredded coconut shells compressed into brick form... expands many times in size to provide bug free bedding... Great humidity holder!
Co-Co Block - same material as a Co-Co Brick EXCEPT comes in a 1/2 bale, 11 lb. block $20.00 per 1/2 bale

(* indicates shipping included in price)