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Page last updated:4/7/10


- Day Geckos -

  Animal Description Price
15.0.5 Normal Giant Day Gecko (p. mad. grandis) $50.00 ea juv - $35.00 each for 10+juv, $100 ea adult
2.1.10 Outcross Crimson $65-75 ea juv, $125 ea adult
7.5.5 Crimson Giant Day Gecko $150 ea adult, $85.00 ea juv
2.3.10 Koch's Day Gecko (p. mad. kochi) $50 ea juv, $100 ea adult
1.2.5 Neon Day Gecko (p. klemmeri) $125.00 ea
4.4.10 ssp (p. abbotti checkei) $125.00 ea adult, $85 ea juv
1.3.9 Gold Dust Day Gecko (p. laticauda laticauda) $65.00 each adult, $45.00 juvenile
0.0.4 Madagascar Giant Day Gecko (p. mad. madagascariensis) $75.00 ea
2.8.5 Robert Merten's Day Gecko (p. robertmertensi) $150.00 ea adult, $85 ea juv
6.6.22 Standings Day Gecko  (p. mad. standingi) $100.00 each adult, $65.00 ea juvenile
0.1.0 phelsuma borbonica agalagae $175 adult
0.3.0 p.borbonica borbonica $175 ea adult
0.1.0 p. borbonica (agalage) mater $175 ea adult
12.22.10 p. sundbergi ladiguensis $125 ea adult, $75 ea juv, WHSL pricing available


- Nocturnal Geckos -

  Animal Description Price
0.0.5 Halmahara Island Gecko (Gehyra Margianata) $125.00 ea
0.0.0 Tokay - Yes they are captive bred! Adults $55 ea, Juveniles $35.00 ea


- Sugar Gliders -

  Animal Description Price
2.3 Sugar glider 8-10 weeks out of pouch $200.00 normally, Economy sale $150 ea